PCL Standard Lens

P.C.L Standard Lens Design Parameters

Standard Lens Dia 2

Trial Lens / Diagnostic Fitting Procedure

Base Curve and Diameter Analyzation

Select an appropriate diagnostic lens or a lens from the Precision Contact Lenses Trial Set, based on the patients K readings and corneal diameter size. Using standard fitting techniques and criteria, observe the diagnostic lens for position, movement and fluoroscein pattern. Refine the fit as needed.

BV Power Calculation

Obtain an over-refraction over the best fitting diagnostic lens. Combine the spherical value of the over-refraction with the Diagnostic lens power to determine the final contact lens power required.
Note: Specifying Secondary and Peripheral curves
Precision Contact Lenses will apply our standard secondary and peripheral curves if not specified by the practitioner. Our secondary curves are typically 1.0mm flatter than the base curve. The peripheral curve is generally 12.00mm, 0.3mm wide.

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