Plastic Products

Plastic Mailers

Plastic Mailers

Plastic Mailers (per double package) $ 1.00 each
Designed for mailing contact lenses or storage of lenses in the office


Patient Lens Containers

Patient Lens Containers (box of 16) $ 32.00 each
An every day flip – top case for hard & soft lenses


Plastic Tweezer

Plastic Tweezer (per unit) $ 3.50 each
A tweezer designed for use with soft contact lenses in mind


The Contact Lens Catcher

The Contact Lens Catcher $ 2.50 each
A small plug designed to fit into the standard hand basin plug hole, made so that water will pass through the plug


Contact Lens Sucker

Contact Lens Sucker $ 3.30 each
A small rubber sucker with either a hollow or solid centre


Aluminium Vial Caps

Aluminium Vial Caps $ 25.00 per 100


Vision Training Flipper

Vision Training Flipper $ 9.00 each

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