Product Warranty

Per Lens Warranty

All P.C.L lenses are covered by a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects.
Lenses considered to be defective should be returned to P.C.L in the original packaging for inspection and replacement.

Per Case Warranty

Contact lenses purchased per case may be exchanged once at no charge, within 90 days of the original invoice, provided the contact lens(es) are returned and the original invoice number is quoted.

Contact lenses will be exchanged for any of the following reasons:.

  • 1/ An alteration of parameters.
  • 2/ A contact lens is damaged.
  • 3/ A need to change the contact lens material or design. Should the change of design require lens(es) of a higher price, the difference in the price will be charged accordingly .

Per Case Plus Warranty

Contact lenses purchased Per Case Plus have the same warranty as Per Case Warranty, but may be exchanged twice at no charge.

N.B Lost contact lenses are not covered by Per Case / Per Case Plus Warranties

Unsuccessful Patients

If a patient for whom “Per Case” or “Per Case Plus” contact lens(es) have been prescribed is unsuccessful, a 50% credit will be given provided the lens(es) are returned within 90 days of purchase.

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